Central Point School Bond

Fulfilling the Bond Promise for Central Point, Gold Hill and Sams Valley Schools

Flexible Learning Spaces for D6 Students

‘Our favorite way of learning’ | The Mail Tribune Features Rogue Primary School

Rogue Primary School, open by next fall, sees unique ‘play-based’ instruction model in its future A little less than a year from now, Central Point School District 6 is expected to add a new elementary school with a unique approach to teaching. Under the motto “play is our favorite way of learning,” Rogue Primary School […]

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A Brand New Space | The Mail Tribune Features Jewett Elementary’s New Building Dedication

Jewett Elementary unveils building with new gym, maker space, lab It’s not everyday that a public school dodgeball match involves Buddy the Elf and the Grinch from two classic holiday movies. Read the Mail Tribune’s Article Online

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Jewett Elementary Building Dedication

Jewett Elementary dedicated their new 12,000 square foot building on December 16th, 2021! In efforts to address overcrowding and create flexible learning spaces for all students, this new building at Jewett consists of a gymnasium with a flexible multi-purpose space, a maker space/shop, a maker space/technology lab and restrooms. Students were invited to tour the […]

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Recent News

Wildfire Smoke

Wildfires have become an unfortunate part of reality here in Southern Oregon.  As the season has extended and intensified, wildfire smoke, the poor air quality it brings has impacted schools in Central Point.

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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is something that’s a hot topic these days thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, but healthy indoor air in our schools is about much more than a single virus.

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HVAC Systems

Driving around the Central Point School District, signs of Bond work are all around: the Rogue Primary School is going up at the old Asante site, the new building at Jewett is almost complete, and the parking lot at Crater High School is complete. What is less noticeable is the work that has been going on inside our schools and behind the walls.

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Our favorite way of learning

Rogue Primary School, open by next fall, sees unique ‘play-based’ instruction model in its future

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Improve Safety and Security

Safe and secure schools is our top bond priority! Work has already started on replacing classroom and exterior door locks and hardware. Future bond safety elements include adding security fencing, modernizing emergency communications systems such as intercoms and fire alarms, adding security cameras and improving traffic flow at student pick up and drop off areas.

Improve Mechanical Systems for Health and Efficiency

Better indoor air quality improves learning and teaching environments! Extended fire seasons are impacting air quality across southern Oregon and the health of students and staff is a concern. Currently only one school in the District has indoor air quality handling systems. When the bond work is complete, all schools will have this very important feature.

Mechanical systems in all eight school buildings across the district need repair, replacement or added components to make them safe and efficient.   In many cases these systems have reached the end of their useful lives and are difficult or impossible to maintain.


Address Overcrowding

Central Point is the second fastest growing school district in southern Oregon: three of our elementary schools are operating over capacity! Stages, closets, hallways and maintenance sheds are currently being used as classrooms and teaching spaces. The Bond includes new buildings at select sites to provide safe, modern teaching spaces.

Create Flexible Learning Spaces

Innovative teaching methods require innovative learning spaces! Our schools need updated and flexible educational spaces which may be used for a wide-variety of educational activities and programs.