Scenic Middle School Parking Lot Remodel Enhances Capacity, Safety and Traffic Flow


The Scenic Middle School parking lot and bus loop received major improvements over the summer! 

In recent years, the need for enhancements to the parking lot and bus loop at Scenic Middle School has become more apparent. The current parking lot accommodates 77 vehicles and both bus and parent traffic compete for space in the front entrance of the bustling middle school daily. 

The District partnered with the city of Central Point to redesign the parking lot to enhance bus and parent traffic flow. The new design includes a bus loop at the back of the school while keeping parent traffic in the front. As part of the redesign, capacity has increased from 77 parking spaces to over 120 spaces and new lighting will be installed to enhance safety and visibility.  

"Our new parking lot and bus loop is a huge improvement to our school and the traffic flow surrounding neighborhoods," shared Spencer Davenport, Central Point School District Bond Manager.