About the Bond

Overcrowding exists at all three in-town elementary schools. Building another traditional in-town elementary requires considerable cost due to required property size particularly for large fields used more at intermediate grades of 3-5. The Asante property provides a good value but is not of appropriate size for a school with intermediate levels. Furthermore, some children at K-2 ages can benefit by facilities designed more for their stage of development. By building a school for k-2, we can take advantage of the value present at Asante and provide overcrowding relief to all three in-town schools while adding choice to families of what best meets their children’s needs. Additional values are being recognized on this property by utilizing the existing structure’s perimeter walls, extensive plumbing, parking, and most of the landscaping. Further value is being realized by exploring a lower cost per square foot steel “super structure” engulfing the existing perimeter walls and inserting custom factory modular built rooms and roof structures into the super structure. Because these modules are custom built in a factory, they are less expensive but have the appearance of structures built on site.

Safety & Security

School safety features such as classroom and exterior door hardware, security fencing, emergency communications systems such as intercoms and fire alarms, security cameras and traffic flow at student pick up and drop off areas need repair, replacement or installation.

Indoor Air Quality

Improving indoor air quality improves learning and teaching environments! Extended fire seasons are impacting air quality across southern Oregon and the health of students and staff is a concern. Currently only one school in the District has indoor air quality handling systems. When the bond works is complete, all schools will have this very important feature.

Aging Mechanical Systems in Need of Repair

Mechanical systems in all eight school buildings need repair, replacement or added components to make them safe and efficient. In many cases these systems have reached the end of their useful lives and have become difficult or impossible to maintain.

A Growing District

Central Point is the second fastest growing school district in southern Oregon: three of our elementary schools are operating over capacity! Current demand exceeds available learning spaces with stages, closets, hallways and maintenance sheds being used as classrooms and teaching spaces. The Bond includes new buildings at select sites to provide safe and innovative teaching spaces.


The bond approved by voters replaced the tax rate of the expiring bond ($1.15 per $1,000 of assessed value) and will not increase the current property tax rate.