Planning Ahead in the Era of Shortage

From chicken to cross laminated timber, supply chain shortages have posed significant hurdles in the global landscape. These shortages are affecting construction timelines across the country and Central Point is not immune to their impact. 

As the District pushes forward to fulfill the projects promised in the 2019 Bond, it has adopted a more proactive approach to procure critical building materials for Central Point Schools. The District has pivoted to proactively pre-buying components and materials for projects such as HVAC upgrades across district schools. This strategy will allow the district to “get in line,” sooner for building supplies and materials necessary for D6 schools. 

“Anyone who has tried to purchase a new appliance, vehicle, or building materials like windows and doors in the past year understands the dilemma,” said Spencer Davenport, Central Point School District Bond Programs Manager. “We're doing everything we can to source the materials needed for our projects early to avoid delays.”

For materials and equipment such as electrical switch gear, windows, doors, insulation, flooring, even certain kinds of screws can take months to obtain. For example, unique materials like cross laminated timber that are utilized at Rogue Primary School are experiencing delays of more than three months. The District has already pre-ordered materials for projects slated to begin during the 2023 school year in order to mitigate any further schedule delays. 

The District hopes that this proactive strategy will not only keep timelines on track but will save money as building costs continue to rise.

Additional updates and timelines for school and district-wide improvements can be found online at


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